The club's training activities change depending on the season. We offer free and paid sessions. Free sessions are run by club members with the paid sessions run by our partner coaches and trainers. All disciplines (swim, bike and run) are covered  by either club or paid coaching sessions.  


All sessions are structured and cater for all abilities; from beginners to advanced.


As a well established club, we have new members joining all the time and also many experienced members very happy to provide encouragement and tips.


Not a member but want to come and try it out?

If you are thinking about joining and want to come and meet us please feel free to reach out by email or Facebook messenger. We welcome non members to particular sessions depending on your ability, just drop us a line and we will help you out.


After a few year sabbatical, we have decided to bring back summer bric sessions in a new location! These sessions are by far the best training that the club offers to help you improve on all aspects triathlon as well as your fitness!


Do you want to practice running off the bike?

Do you want to practise your transitions? 

Do you want to get fitter and quicker at Triathlons?

The details:

Start time - 3rd Saturday of the month. Get there at 6:15am for a 6:30am start

Where - 1 Fishermans Rd Malabar

What do I do - Short distances of all 3 disciplines and repeat 2-3 times. Approx 300m swim, 4-8km bike and 2km run each set.

What do I bring - Trisuit or something you can ideally swim, bike and run in or if you need, bring some cloths that you can change into/ out of as needed, goggles, swim cap (swim), bike shoes or joggers, helmet (bike) and running shoes (run). A towel and change of cloths for afterwards.

Reward: coffee/ breakfast afterwards 





Swim Squad (Paid session)

Swim squad sessions are ran with a qualified swim coach. These sessions are ran with our partnered coach and are not exclusively for Coogee members. This allows for athletes of all abilities to attend squad as there are multiple lanes 

We partner with Bondi Fit who provides pool and ocean swim squads on 6 days a week. Discounted sessions and special rates apply to all Coogee members. 


> First visit is free!

> Better than 1/2 price for the first monthly unlimited pool and surf pass you buy ($80.00 RRP is $170)

> Casual squad $20 (RRP$25)

Ocean Swim Friday Morning (free session)

During the warmer months we have a Friday morning ocean swim from the south end of Coogee Beach and swim anywhere from 600m to 1.5km. The swim is broken into 300m sections with a regroup at the end of each length. To ensure the group is safe our swim leader stops every 100-150m to check on the group. Coffee and social catch up at the cafe afterwards

This session is a free session catering for anyone that is able to swim 1km+ confidently without stopping. 

A post will be put on out Facebook group each Thursday with the details of the swim. 


Interval workout Thursday morning (Free session)

This session is ran exclusively for our members all year round.

The cycling interval session consists of an hour of hard efforts in small groups around Centennial Park followed by coffee. In the session we cover anywhere between 25-40km and welcome all abilities. 

This is a great session to come along to if you are new and want to meet some of the crew! Meet at 5.45am in Centennial Park at the Glasshouse cafe

More information about the session is posted on our Facebook training group the day before 

Weekday and weekend cycles with MC Cyclery (free sessions) 

MC have multiple session each week including a long ride on Sunday. Coogee members are welcome to join on ay of these rides. Please visit the MC website HERE for more information on their rides and also 'like' their Facebook page


Tuesday track (summer) and Tuesday run (winter)  (free session)

These sessions are exclusively ran for our members. 

In the summer months (day light savings) we meet in the middle of Coogee Oval at 6.45pm for an interval session.


When daylight savings ends we switch these runs for an easier run - approx 8km around the beach front. starting at 6.30pm meeting at the stairs in the middle of Coogee beach


 All sessions are finished with Taco Tuesday $3.00 tacos and a social catch up.