New to triathlon

what is a triathlon?

Triathlon is an activity that combines swimming, cycling, and running in one event.

There are many variations of a Triathlon or multisport event, the table below gives a good

overview of the various types of events and distances

Do I need a certain level of fitness to do a triathlon?

It doesn't matter if you're completely unfit, can only dog paddle through the water,  you have not ran in many years and it most definitely doesn't matter that you don't have a fancy bike and wetsuit, and shiny objects you see "serious triathletes" have. We are a supportive and helpful club and will be able to get you through that first race! For safety reasons you will have to be able to swim 750m without stopping.


What equipment do I need to do a triathlon?

> Goggles 

> Swimming cap

> Bike (any type! a commuter, mountain, road or time trial)

> Helmet

> Running shoes

> Towel

I have never ridden my bike in a bunch before, where do  start?

Riding in a bunch is not fundamental to most triathlons as 'drafting' is not allowed however knowing how to ride in a bunch is great for training. If you are new to this you can come and join in our Thursday morning cycle sessions and we will talk you through the Do's and Do not's

What races should I do?

Starting local and small is the best way to calm the nerves and get helpful hints. Coogee has 3-4 club triathlons throughout the summer and 3-4 duathlons (run, bike, run) throughout the winter. If it is your first race be sure to let the race director know and they will be able to point you in the right direction to make sure you have a great day out.

I have never raced before, will there be someone there to show me what to do?

We have all been there and know what it is like to line up for your first race, don't worry there will be many people there to help you out. We will show you how to set up your transition area and give you a run down of the course so there is no ambiguity.

What is drafting?

Drafting in triathlon refers to the space between your bike and the bike in front of you. It is against the rules in 'non-drafting' races to come within a specified distance of the bike in front of you. Each race is different depending on the organisation that is holding the event however the draft zone is usually somewhere between 7 and 12 meters. if you come within this zone you may be given a penalty whereby you will have to sit out of the race for a specified time

You can visit the triathlon NSW website to see a short video explaining what drafting is