General Rules

  • If you are feeling unwell with any symptoms that have been associated with COVID-19, please do not attend training. Let the training leader know that you cannot make it through message.

  • If you become unwell soon after attending a training session (with COVID-19 symptoms), please notify the training leader ad go get tested. Please do not attend training until both your test result has come back negative and your symptoms have gone completely.

  • Do not dispel of any body fluid of any kind during training. Spitting, blowing nose out etc or the like will not be tolerated. If you can’t control yourself in this regards, please do not attend training.

  • Please wash your hands before all training sessions with soap and water. The club will be providing hand sanitiser for post training drinks/ food catch-ups when appropriate.

  • All training gear such as helmets, gloves, arm warmers, headbands and the like that have been in contact with you during training is to be left away from the area in which club members are congregating for post training catch-up. If nowhere is available for storing these items away from the area, please bring a bag to pack your items in.

  • Where possible, smaller groups created for training purposes are to remain together for as long as practical for the weeks going forward. This will help reduce the risk of cross contamination in the likely event of an infection.

Monday Training (Summer)



Tuesday Training (All year)

Run Club




Thursday Training (All Year)

Coogee Cycle

Friday Training (Summer)

Ocean Swim






Saturday Training (Winter)

Brick Session 







Saturday Training (Summer)

Brick Session